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Wireless & WiFi Networking, Products, Services, and Consulting
 - Wireless and WiFi Networking, Products, Services, and Consulting

 What's New!

Full One-Watt Outdoor Amplifier at a NEW breakthrough price!

The One-Watt Outdoor Amplifier is now available for only $275.00 ... complete and ready to install. This includes the amplifier, mounting bracket, and power-over-coax injector. This amplifier attaches easily to most of the common, commercial Access Points and Client Bridges and provides ONE FULL WATT signal strength!

This amplifier is a commercial-grade amplifier for the WISP that wants to drive that signal further.

  About L.L.C. has been involved in research and development of wireless LANs and WANs since 1995 and has developed extensive experience in wireless solutions.  We currently design, deploy, and operate wireless networks and WiFi Hotspots in numerous locations.  This provides us with 'hands-on' experience few vendors can claim.  Leveraging our years of experience we work with manufacturers who design, develop, and manufacture products and solutions that meet our specifications.  We provide these products to you, our customer, and also offer consulting services for new manufacturers, WISPs, and corporations looking to deploy wireless solutions.

We are expanding our line of products to include some of the top performing solutions in the wireless world.  From Amplifiers and Access Points, to Wireless Cards and Client Bridges we have access to the best products out there ... at extremely competitive prices.

We also provide consulting on wireless network design, point-to-point link designs, WiFi Hotspots implementations, and network management solutions.  We also develop software for server and embedded systems.

Since 1995, L.L.C. has been a pioneer in designing and deploying cost-effective products and solutions for the rapidly evolving wireless industry.

Working with TenX Networks, and several other vendors, we are pleased to announce WISP.Org ... An On-Line Resource for Wireless Internet Service Providers.  We are providing a set of forums that will provide answers to many of the commonly asked questions WISPs are facing.  From business issues, to technical choices ... come and visit WISP.Org to contribute and learn!

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