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 Monday, October 25, 2004

We apologize to ur Wasatch County, Utah customers as we had quite a week of storms ... and problems ... up here.  It turns out that some of out new outdoor wireless equipment was not as waterproof as they had hoped.  With the large storm system that came to the county a week ago Sunday, we lost a total of three new pieces of equipment due to water leaks.

The vendor was great about things.  We lost our main wireless tower at our headquaters on Monday morning, after the initial front hit us.  We exchanged this device with a spare that we had on hand.  The next night - Tuesday - we lost that spare, and the Wing Pointe apartments location.

On Wednesday, we were able to get the repairs completed with assistance from the great folks at Euclid Timber Frames.  The vendor has determined the problem and replaced our units.  We are back up and running, and continuing to upgrade the network.

Posted by Webmaster at 10:20:30 PM will be at the upcoming wireless tradeshow - WISPCON VI which will be going on in Las Vegas from October 27 - 29, 2004.  We will be present at the show with two of our partners TenX Networks, and Renasis Engineered Products.

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